• overview

  • Global Content & Media Company, ANIPLUS!

    ANIPLUS is a KOSDAQ-listed company that is based on broadcasting business with Japanese animation as its core content, and is carrying out various related business such as VOD distribution, movie release, merchandise, exhibitions, events and etc.
    Moreover, we are broadcasting K-drama channel ‘K-PLUS’ in Southeast Asia, and expanding through drama production, investment and worldwide syndication business.

    28F, Three IFC, 10, Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
    Seungtaek Jeon
    Key Business

    Broadcasting : Animation channel, ‘ANIPLUS’ in Korea and Asia-wide & K-drama channel, ‘K-PLUS’ in Southeast Asia

    Content : Online service, VOD distribution, screening event and movie distribution

    Merchandise : Offline shop, collaboration café and goods sales via on & offline

    Event : Anime X Game Festival

    Exhibition : Media art, web-toon based collaboration exhibition in permanent exhibition facilities

    Drama : Production, investment and worldwide syndication of Korean drama series

    Subsidiary Companies

    PLUS MEDIA NETWORKS AISA PTE. LTD. (Located in Singapore)



  • history

    • 2020~2017
    • 2015~2011
    • 2011~2004
    • 2020. 2
      Listed on KOSDAQ
    • 2019. 12
      Held the 2nd AGF (Anime X Game Festival)

      2019. 11
      Launched a merchandise café ‘ANIPLUS’ in Singapore
    • 2018. 11
      Held the 1st AGF (Anime X Game Festival)

    • 2017. 4
      Launched an animation merchandise shop ‘ANIPLUS’
      (Delight Square at Hapjeong Sta. in Seoul)
      2017. 2
      Started ANIPLUS HD and launched OTT service
      in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia
    • 2015. 1
      Launched ANIPLUS-ASIA.COM
    • 2014. 9
      Launched K-PLUS (The Ultimate Korean Entertainment Channel) on satellite TV network in Indonesia
      2014. 3
      ANIPLUS HD started to broadcast on cable and IPTV networks in Singapore
    • 2013. 12
      ANIPLUS HD started to broadcast on cable and IPTV networks in Indonesia
      2013. 1
      ANIPLUS HD started to broadcast on cable and IPTV networks in Thailand
    • 2011. 3
      Launched ANIPLUSTV. COM with ‘PLUS’ unlimited membership
      2011. 1
      Started to broadcast on satellite TV network, SkyLife
    • 2010. 8
      Started to broadcast on IPTV networks
      2010. 6
      Started nationwide broadcast on digital cable TV networks
    • 2009. 12
      Officially launched full HD Korea-Japan simulcast animation channel, ANIPLUS
      2009. 11
      Changed broadcast license as animation
      2009. 8
      Changed company name as ANIPLUS INC.
      2009. 7
      Acquired by JJ MediaWorks Co., Ltd
    • 2004. 7
      Established as SBN TV initially
  • bi

    • logo

      This represents the new identity of ANIPLUS that attempts continuous innovation and growth based on the animation business, and the brand core value which is growing infinitely through the flexible combination of various content.


      RGB 255 . 93 . 36CMYK 0 . 77 . 84 . 0#ff5d24

      Orange shows boldness, vitality, and fun elements with the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, and means the infinite growth as the representative color of ANIPLUS.

    • symbol mark

      It shows that ANIPLUS is heading for innovation, change, and infinite growth combining diagonal lines with various angles, and this means that various content are naturally connected to each other.