‘ANIPLUS’ channel can be watched through 23.09 million households nationwide in Korea as of 2019, through all pay TV operators by cable, IPTV and satellite networks.


      ‘ANIPLUS ASIA’ channel can be watched through 14 million households in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines Vietnam and Hong Kong as of 2020.

    • Youth Age Targeted Programs
      With setting the main target age at 15 to 30 years old, differentiate from the existing animation channels that focus on kids animations
    • Simulcast Animes from Japan
      Simulcast quarterly new Programs from Japanese major terrestrial stations on our channel
    • 100% Full HD Broadcast
      Broadcast 100% of Full HD programs for the first among animation channels to provide high-quality broadcasting service to audience
    • Perfect Additional Service Supported
      N-screen service is available anytime, anywhere on the Internet and mobile, and VOD service is provided through ANIPLUS website right after TV broadcasting

  • VOD distribution business

    With distributing programs to major IPTV and cable TV operators, and the Internet/mobile platforms, we are maximizing the customer’s accessibility and satisfaction. We are also providing programs consistently to major OTT platforms such as Netflix. In Southeast Asia market, we are broadcasting and providing VOD service along with each country’s culture and the stage of development of media environment. In addition, the collaboration with regional and global OTT operators is making enlarged the customer approach.

    • Online Service

      Official web-site for live simulcast and VOD service

    • ‘Real simulcasting’ service right after broadcasting in Japan
      All new programs simulcast on LIVE streaming at the same time as the first broadcasting in Japan, and VOD (1080P FHD) service is provided right after the first TV broadcast
    • Limited editions by make-to-order only on ANIPLUS!
      Pre-orders for limited edition directly imported from Japan More than 1,000 kinds of goods, including Blu-ray/character goods/figure/CDs etc.
    • All payments into one, ANIPLUS Cashcard
      The exclusive cash card to use conveniently in online/offline shopping, VOD service, and ticket reservation for screening event

  • We started selling various animation-related goods via our official website in 2013, and with launching 'ANIPLUS Seoul Shop #1' in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul in 2017, we have been developing in earnest about our merchandise business and expanding it quickly by opening a collaboration cafe. Additionally in 2019, we launched 'ANIPLUS MD Cafe' at Esplanade, Singapore and successfully started our merchandise business in Southeast Asia market, too.

    • KOREA
    • Online ShopLimited pre-order goods and special price sales!
      Up to 1,000 kinds of goods including figures, Blu-ray, character goods, and CDs by pre-order through the website and mobile.
    • Offline shop-ANIPLUS Seoul Shop #1Accessible by exit 8 of Hapjeong Station (Delight Square B-dong B1)
      For the first time in Korea, we have launched branded flag shop for Japanese animation goods and are selling the latest goods along with various events such as a collaboration cafe, Ichiban Kuji and capsule toys etc.
    • ANIPLUS MD Café in Singapore
      We launched 'ANIPLUS MD Cafe' at Esplanade, Singapore in 2019, we successfully started our merchandise business and are selling products in Southeast Asia market, too.

  • Pre/special screening event & Movie release

    We are also the leading player in animation movie industry, satisfying diverse needs of our customers with holding special screening events and releasing through theaters nationwide, having differentiated marketing strategies such as providing high quality giveaways. We also maximize synergy between our business areas through movie release events linked to merchandise stores and collaboration cafes, and simultaneous releases in major cities in Southeast Asia. In addition, we are holding preview events of the new animation, live talk shows with animation OST singers and voice casts, and concert viewing events.


    • The biggest official ANIMATION X GAME event in Korea

      For the first time in Korea, we successfully organized the 1st and 2nd ANIMATION X GAME events, AGF (Anime X Game Festival) in 2018 and 2019 and it will be the largest annual event of the industry with the participation of animation and game companies from around Asia.

    • Culture Technology Exhibition

      MEDIA & ART visualizes the imaginary world and delivers it to visitors. The new world which is consisting of light, lighting, new forms of installation, BGM and characters provides experiences of fantasy world that is completely different from the daily world.



      ‘K-PLUS’, a Korean drama channel, has been broadcasted in Southeast Asian countries since 2014. With this global base, we’re performing K-drama productions and investments for years to facilitate our own programming and worldwide syndications.

      Simulcast new dramas and variety shows from major Korean stations such as SBS, KBS, JTBC and CJ within 24 hours.

      Program with various genres such as drama, variety shows, K-pop and movies with 100% of subtitles in local languages.

      Real-time OTT and VOD services provided